From the minds of two rabid fans and collectors,comes the most unique musical parody you are likely to ever hear. Based on the now cult classic 80's cartoon "He Man and The Masters Of The Universe"



In another dimension on a planet called Eternia. The Supreme Overlord Of Evil, Skeletor and his elite forces have suffered yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of He-Man and The Masters. Finally accepting they cant defeat him head on. Skeletor & Evil Lyn plot to search other dimensions for strong but weak minded soldiers to do his bidding and help him conquer Eternia. Through Evil Lyn's crystal ball they witness a metal concert and people violently smashing each other over mere music. He then decides that using the humans primal reaction to music along with hypnotic magic and brainwashing he will crush He-Man and King Randor by sheer numbers and force, But not even Skeletor could fathom the stomach curling brutality of the human condition and what follows is a tale of action packed campy dark comedy and madness. 


Disclaimer: this is an original work of satire based upon characters owned by Mattel INC. we are in no way as of yet affiliated with Mattel. all rights to the Original Series and Character's belong to Mattel. We thank them for being good sports and hope to perhaps one day  work with them to some degree.  and we're sure the fans would too. HINT HINT WE KNOW YOU SEE THIS CONTACT US ALREADY!!! 

Music, lyrics, and story 


Skelecorps 2017